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Original YouTube Banner by Mister-Bambu Original YouTube Banner :iconmister-bambu:Mister-Bambu 3 5
Death Battle: Jak and Daxter vs Banjo and Kazooie
This episode of Death Battle is brought to you by SuperSaiyanPaul, who did an amazing playthrough on each of these games and gave me the idea.

Every now and then you have to wake up and realize... wow, my best friend is literally an animal. For these two, that day happened many, many, many years ago. So now they explore the greater mysteries in life- like just how exactly Banjo manages to fit inside of his backpack or why Jak used to grow horns when he went Dark. Perhaps these questions will be answered below. Or, of course, perhaps not. 
Jak & Daxter vs Banjo & Kazooie's Overly Dramatic Theme Music
Jak and Daxter (Naughty Dog's The Precursor Legacy), The Disastrous Duo
D: In a world specked with ancient artifacts from godly creatures... in a land riddled with evil creatures of darkness... only a boy and his pet fuzzy smartass rat can save everything! Coming to a theater near yo
:iconmister-bambu:Mister-Bambu 11 6
Death Battle: Kratos vs Wolverine
This episode of Death Battle is brought to you by Ass_facelicker, the new worst and best name I've seen on PSN

Hiya. Here I am, writing, at one in the bloody morning, to appease a community that gives as many shits as a backed up septic tank. But hey, I am here at least, right? That counts for something, right? No? Okay then. Thanks. 
Kratos vs Wolverine Theme Song
Kratos (God of War), The Murderer of Gods
B: Imagine a society where you're either a warrior from birth or fed to the wolves- now imagine Kratos, the mighty champion of that society. 
D: "Champion" is one word for it. "Fucking awesome slaughtering badass" would be better but hey, to each his own. 
B: Indeed, Kratos was born of this warrior culture and became a general for it by early adulthood, controlling its armies. However, on the day when his beloved Sparta came to be under attack and on the brink of destruction, Kratos decided to turn to godly assistance o
:iconmister-bambu:Mister-Bambu 15 47
Fight For All Fiction: Punisher
Status: Starter
Weight Class: Light
Nickname: The Coming Vengeance

The world singed and burned around him. Frank Castle... no. He was dead, killed with his family all those years ago. He was... he was something different now. This different man sat down on a park bench, watching New York kill itself slowly. Two homeless men brawled in an alleyway nearby, and a woman cried on the park bench opposite to him. He watched it like he was in a bubble- separate but still there. He scoffed and picked up his bag before a hand rested on his finger. He turned to see curly black hair and a grinning man. Crazed eyes peered at Punisher, who began reaching for his gun. The man grabbed his other hand. "None of that, friend. Your pain will end soon, one way or the other." He placed a finger on the broken man's skull and he was transported to the FIGHT FOR ALL FICTION!

:iconmister-bambu:Mister-Bambu 9 5
Fight For All Fiction: Doomguy

Character Status: Unlockable (Defeat Master Chief, Duke Nukem, and The Meta)
Weight Class: Medium
Nickname: The Doom Marine

The demons lay fallen. Blood splattered the landscape. And in the center... Doomguy stood, shotgun in hand. He was unsure of what could happen, what might happen, or what exactly was going on. Argent energy surged throughout his body and the landscape around him, opening a portal from Hell itself to... somewhere. Instead of wondering, he nodded and entered the portal, prepared to continue fighting. Instantly there was nothing... except... cheering? He walked forward, shotgun in hand as he entered the FIGHT FOR ALL FICTION!
Character Summary:
Doomguy works well as a mix between melee and ranged, being capable of using powerful punches as well as his standard combat shotgun as a weapon. He has use of
:iconmister-bambu:Mister-Bambu 8 5
Fight For All Fiction: The Batter

The Batter
Status: Unlockable (Enter code "Ghost")
Weight Class: Heavy 
Nickname: Le Batteur

There was... nothing. Bright, white emptyness surrounded the Batter. The puppeteer was gone now. Everything was just... gone. The sacred mission never spoke of what happened afterwards. So... he waited. It seemed like an eternity, surrounded by the purity he had mindlessly wrought. He sighed often. Until... some centuries, possibly eons later, a tear appeared. Perhaps appear isn't the best word... it... was. One second the universe was pure, and then... blackness shone through, like a galactic beast, sucking in all of it. Perhaps the universe was being reborn. Perhaps he'd have another chance. He'd do anything. So he allowed himself to become absorbed in the opposite of the pure nothingness. The Batter had entered the FIGHT FOR ALL FICTION!
Character Summary:
:iconmister-bambu:Mister-Bambu 9 4
Death Battle: Dedan vs Undyne
This episode of Death Battle is brought to you by the realization that I should probably submit something after I lost Nathan vs Lara

I said I'd do it. I said I'd probably do another Undertale battle, and I said I'd probably go use another OFF character, besides the Batter for once. Well. Here we are. Undertale vs OFF. Again. Let's see how it goes. Because honestly why not. 
Dedan vs Undyne Theme Song
Dedan (Mortis Ghost's OFF), The Flagrant Guardian 
X: In a monochromatic world, populated by civilians that can be described as "neurotic" at best, powerful beings must emerge to protect these civilians, whether they like it or not. 
D: The latter in this one's case. Dedan, a foul-mouthed badass. Just like me. You bastards. Raaaawr.
X: Dane, I'd like to draw attention to that beer belly you're sporting. 
D: I prefer to call it... shut up.
X: Alright, just uh... right. Moving on... Dedan is the guar
:iconmister-bambu:Mister-Bambu 17 12
Death Battle: Smaug vs Alduin
This episode of Death Battle is brought to you by my  CORE membership. Probably? Probably not, actually.

Dragons. They exist in every culture in the world in some form- great mighty lizards breathing hellfire onto the peasants below. In Europe, we have typical Western Dragons; in Asia, we have the Chinese "Lungs" and their Eastern bretheren. Africa maintains the myths of Wyverns, and Australia has the sea serpents and transforming Taniwha. No place is without these greats beasts; and none of these beasts can quite compare with these two kings of beasts. Smaug, the Draconic King Under the Mountain, versus Alduin, the World Eater. I'd like to see how they stack up in a Death Battle. 
Smaug vs Alduin Theme Song
Smaug (The Lord of the Rings Series), The King under the Mountain
X: In the world of Middle Earth, many beasts arise; the Oliphants mystify those who have never seen them, st
:iconmister-bambu:Mister-Bambu 9 23
Death Battle: The Lizard vs Killer Croc
This episode of Death Battle is brought to you by my excited nature and endless fantasies of gaming concerning my new PS4. Merry Shitmas, one and all!

Voted up by you guys as one of two of my best ideas for the next season (I have others, don't worry), this fight seems like it would make perfect sense. Reptillian villains who fight a tech-based superhero who is the most popular of their franchise (Spiderman and Batman). The Lizard, a scientific experiment gone wrong, versus Killer Croc, the heavy hitting brick of the Suicide Squad. Let's see how they stack up in a Death Battle!
The Lizard vs Killer Croc Theme Song
The Lizard (Marvel Comics), The Reptilian Genius
X: Curtis Connors worked hard all of his life as a well-mannered scientist and amiable chemist, working like a machine on his biological experiments while also managing a reasonable home life with his wife Martha and young son Billy.
:iconmister-bambu:Mister-Bambu 7 77
Death Battle: Kirito vs Link
This episode of Death Battle is brought to you by my internet, who refuses to let me watch Netflix.

(Sorry for shitty quality)
Let's drop on the subject of one of the most well known tropes in fantasy-type games (or animes based on games, I guess). For one, the hero almost always has a sword that is in some way special and above all else superior to all others in that world (Elucidator and the Master Sword). For another, there is always some heroic intention that brings one to the mindset of a Disney picture meets mass bloodshed and violence promotion. With that out of the way, allow me to welcome back both fighters Kirito, who previously defeated Guts, and Link, who previously defeated Shovel Knight. Let's see who will in in a Death Battle! 
Kirito vs Link Theme Song
Kirito (Sword Art Online), The Black Swordsman
X: In every piece of fiction there are two sides, the dark and the li
:iconmister-bambu:Mister-Bambu 8 10
Death Battle: Deimos vs Scout
This episode of Death Battle is brought to you by the fact that I currently have nothing better to do.

So here is the battle of well-hatted casual warriors. I purchased this fight from the same guy who introduced me to Madness Combat (home of Deimos), DeathBattleDino. I offered to do Hank Wimbleton vs Shank too but uh... well. So here it is, my rendition of Death Battle. Again. 
Deimos vs Scout Theme Song
Deimos (Madness Combat), The Brother in Arms
X: Imagine a hellish world where nothing grows, where there are entire organizations dedicated to wiping you from existence, and where god forsaken nightmares like an undead clown with reality warping powers and an evil assassin version of Jesus himself roam free...
D: Are any of us surprised its in western America? God damn you Nevada... First Vegas and now this. 
X: Well, I think you'll be happy to know our protagonist agrees with y
:iconmister-bambu:Mister-Bambu 10 16
Death Battle: Deathstroke vs Doomguy
This episode of Death Battle is brought to you by a caffeine fueled weekend and the utter shock that no one had done it yet.

Alright. I wanna revisit DOOMGUY. I, in case you didn't know, have the LARGEST MAN [Redacted. Reason: Inappropriate content. You don't want a filter on this, do you, Xeru? Didn't think so.] EVER for DOOM and its affiliated characters. That said, Deathstroke is a god damned badass. Seriously, what ridiculous shit has this man survived at this point?! I'm pretty sure people have hit him with buildings and he just shakes it off. I... This match brings a tear to my eye... anyways, I promised myself I wouldn't cry. Let's see who can win against the badasses of badasses, kings of god damn kings, in this Death Battle. 

Doomguy vs Deathstroke Theme Song
Deathstroke (Detective Comics), The Silent But Deadly
X: Slade Wilson has, unlike 90% of the people in these, a decent childhood and a pr
:iconmister-bambu:Mister-Bambu 11 20
Death Battle: Shank vs Punisher
And now... returning to the Death Battle ring, JUST ONE VICTORY WAS NOT ENOUGH FOR PUNISHER! And who else but the lovely Shank should the Punisher's rage be taken out on today? So here it is, a battle between normal humans surviving in a superhuman world- well, if you count "normal" carrying a minigun on you at all times and being capable of breaking walls with your bare fists. Let's see how they stack up in a Death Battle!
Shank vs Punisher Theme Song
Shank (Klei's Shank Series), The Soldier of Redemption
X: Robert Torres, more commonly known by his fighting name of "Shank", was a ruthless criminal, working in a mob as a collection man with his partner Falcone. 
D: You mean like Batma- 
X: No, just... let me finish. The two were together constantly, brothers in blood. This carried on through numerous battles and missions that their mafioso leader led to gain control of the police, making him an unstoppable force in the city. However,
:iconmister-bambu:Mister-Bambu 12 8
Death Battle: Widowmaker vs Sinon
A fight to the death between acrobatic snipers; Sinon, AKA Ashida Shino, a young gamer with a tragic past with depression and violence in spades, versus Widowmaker, a misguided merc working against the world for her clients. Let's see how two of the deadliest snipers in fiction stack up in a Death Battle!
Widowmaker vs Sinon Theme Song
Widowmaker (Blizzard's Overwatch), The Spider Assassin
X: Widowmaker is considered to be the perfect assassin, mixing stealth with sheer lethal force in any form necessary. However... she wasn't always this way. 
D: I'm sensing... troubling backstory. 
X: Right on the mark, Dane!
D: It's a gift and a curse, I swear, to sense when a character is going to be edgy. 
X: Widowmaker was originally... normal. She was a typical wife living with her husband, Gerard, when she learned that her husband was working against arguably the most powerful non-governmental organization in the world, Talon; she
:iconmister-bambu:Mister-Bambu 8 24
Death Battle: Hanzo Shimada vs Hanzo Hattori
A battle between a ninja and an archer... named after that ninja. A battle to the death between Hanzo and Hanzo in a fight to see if the original is better than the copy (although I'm certain that was the idea behind Slade vs Wade in the real Death Battle, but whatever). So here we go, Shimada, champion archer of Overwatch, versus Hattori, master ninja leader of Japan's greatest stealth clan- let's see who will win in this Death Battle!
Hanzo Shimada vs Hanzo Hattori Theme Song
Hey guys. I'm gonna try... something new. Sorta. For me, anyways. Gonna convert to the old fashioned "here's two hosts talking about it rather than me just telling you about it" thing. However, no, I'm not adding the ENDLESS amount of images, videos, GIFs, etc that most will- I find them insufferable and I think one bit of music is enough, not to mention the "skip to [insert time]" things. Anyways. 
Hanzo Shimada (Blizzard's Overwatch), The Prodigal Son
X: Centur
:iconmister-bambu:Mister-Bambu 8 2
Death Battle: Ezio Auditore vs Gabriel van Helsing

I purchased this here battle from YoungSamurai18; a battle between deadly hunters of aristocrats (granted, one of their aristocrats is a vampire but uh... moving on). Imagine- hooded (or... well... hatted) wonders with weapons that may as well have been laser rifles at the time, working in secret towards the greater good... what better mission is there? Well, in this case, winning the Death Battle and escaping with one's life is definitely a high ranker. Let's see how these two stack up in a Death Battle!

Ezio Auditore vs Gabriel van Helsing Theme Song
Gladiator #1
Ezio Auditore da Firenze Stats
Height: 5'10
Weight: 196 lbs
Noteworthy Skills/Traits: Incredibly skilled assassin, very capable of moving/acting entirely silently, skilled in sleight of hand and other useful skills (including lockpicking and the like), enhanced senses via Eagle Sense, complete mastery of his chosen weapons, great at parrying and unarmed combat, skilled acroba
:iconmister-bambu:Mister-Bambu 9 15

Random Favourites

I am okay... by Filiana I am okay... :iconfiliana:Filiana 256 67 (gif) hhh... too lazy to add more frames. by Ghost-Of-Tea (gif) hhh... too lazy to add more frames. :iconghost-of-tea:Ghost-Of-Tea 29 3 BattleFRONT 1 THEY SHALL NOT PASS Death Trooper by SK-STUDIOS-DESIGN BattleFRONT 1 THEY SHALL NOT PASS Death Trooper :iconsk-studios-design:SK-STUDIOS-DESIGN 140 7 .:Evolve Humanity:. by xBaebsae .:Evolve Humanity:. :iconxbaebsae:xBaebsae 20 22 Hanzo Shimada cosplay [Overwatch] by TeaLabel Hanzo Shimada cosplay [Overwatch] :icontealabel:TeaLabel 44 12 Shovel Knight by Sawuinhaff Shovel Knight :iconsawuinhaff:Sawuinhaff 38 5 Night of the Hunt by Mikael-Art Night of the Hunt :iconmikael-art:Mikael-Art 26 15 Male Zombie - Conker's Bad Fur Day by Endo-Chan Male Zombie - Conker's Bad Fur Day :iconendo-chan:Endo-Chan 24 12
Blamed and Framed.
So as many of you know, this dude called :iconLordImpossible: is pretending to be me and trolling everyone of my friends, so you may be saying "This guy's gonna give a half-assed attempt to apologize". No you're wrong, in fact I'm gonna try my best to defend myself in any way, shape or form so please if you can lend me your ears and listen I would appreciate that.
So, who is LordImpossible you may be asking yourself? Well this guy is going around and trolling people claiming to be me, saying he wants to take over the Death Battle community and calls himself a god. Fucking pathetic right? Now you can go on and on about the many reasons of to why I would possibly be wrong, but this shithead who claims to be a god is slandering my name and is out to destroy any relationship with friends. So if you are willing to talk things out, please listen my friends I am just a simple writer trying to improve himself in this community.
I appreciate you those who stuck by my side and listened to what I
:icondracosparda26:DracoSparda26 3 141
Sadira Portrait - Killer Instinct by Naitho Sadira Portrait - Killer Instinct :iconnaitho:Naitho 87 6 [OFF] Napoleon + Dorran Sprite by BooBluu [OFF] Napoleon + Dorran Sprite :iconboobluu:BooBluu 27 13 Swamp Level pt2 by Dragmacom Swamp Level pt2 :icondragmacom:Dragmacom 7 0 Doom Slayer - DOOM (2016) by Naitho Doom Slayer - DOOM (2016) :iconnaitho:Naitho 119 45 Murloc FanArt by Kostya-PingWIN Murloc FanArt :iconkostya-pingwin:Kostya-PingWIN 258 16 Fire Keeper - Dark Souls 3 [Niamash] by Naitho Fire Keeper - Dark Souls 3 [Niamash] :iconnaitho:Naitho 209 17 Deathwing by BryanFR Deathwing :iconbryanfr:BryanFR 5 0
Some neat stuff I found on this account.

Journal History


Mister-Bambu has started a donation pool!
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Pay for any commissions right here.

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Death Battle Request
Hi. If you're actually considering commissioning me then you know I'm a Death Battle analyst and writer. I don't claim to be the best writer in the world (RIP Terry Pratchett) but I try my best. Now, here are my limitations for my death arena:

:bulletgreen: Canon characters. I will gladly take part in writing a death battle for *most* canon characters of the world (things like Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Freddy Fazbear and, I shit you not someone asked for this once, Jesus, will be declined).

:bulletgreen: OCs. I do quite a lot of OC Death Battle (if you don't believe me, check my group, OC-Death-Battle) and enjoy analyzing people's characters. As long as the character is any good I'll do it ^_^

:bulletgreen: Species. I've done it before and I'll do it again, comparing species is so fun for wars in Death Battle (see: Tanar'ri vs Scourge). OC and canon species are accepted. 

:bulletgreen: Characters you want me to write about need to fill out my stereotypical form for Death Battle, meaning basic information about them needs to be available. 

:bulletgreen: Links. Characters have to be vaguely related to each other (Terraria vs Minecraft, for instance) and I won't do a battle where one character is very clearly the winner no matter what (Superman vs Super Mario). 

Now then! If you'd like to request something send in the points via donation (please) and I'll send you a note asking about everything. 



People need to chill out a bit about the LordImpossible issue recently. Just block him and think about the situation objectively. Just because a troll stated he's a sockpuppet account of a good friend of the DB Community, doesn't mean he's telling the truth. In fact, I'd say that's just as likely as him being the uh... what was it? "God of the DB community" or something like that?

Anyways, Draco mate, good luck for the future. Times are tough and trolls make 'em tougher. 
Someone should make Shield Knight vs Captain America. 
Hey lads. Long time no see, aye?

Recently, I started a new thingamajigger to keep DA-Gamers active. And it gives me a reason to come on here, which is pretty nice, too. That said, I need people to vote for me, settle an internal argument. 

The project at DA-Gamers is meant to promote artists who focus on a certain game and at the same time show people new games they might not have seen enough of. So, the obvious answer was a biweekly artwork feature gallery for a certain game chosen by the members- so the members are now voting with the theme being medieval fantasy (Dark Souls, Legend of Zelda, etc). 

Vote with this link if you're interested or if you just wanna click a button.

have been really inactive on here.

Sorry :/


Mister-Bambu's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I would die to win because I'm born to lose...
(If anyone gets this reference, beyond the fact that it's amazingly accurate for me... you're fokken awesome)

Hey! Wanna complain about my battles and how terribly I chose the winner? OR, would you like to send me your feedback some more to say "wow mate, you're doing good!"? Then click the link below! It sends you to my page where you can take a poll on every battle to see if you agreed/disagreed with the battle. I fully encourage you to try it out (mostly because polls on here are too expensive)…

For God's Sake Stop by boodabomb936 Atheism .stamp by silverybeast Breaking Benjamin Stamp by LuxDani Hollywood Undead Stamp by Luvise
Five Finger Death Punch stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria Disturbed Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Three Days Grace Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Rock Music Stamp by Davidgtza2
aspergers stamp by otakulottie Gir Stamp by houkouookami Until Dawn Stamp by futureprodigy24 Fran Bow stamp by BabyWitherBoo
zelda ocarina of time stamp by Xiahism The Stanley Parable Stamp by neonjays Terraria Stamp by badtrane X-COM: Best Game Ever by Darth-Synge
Monster Rancher stamp by Freezair Gmod Stamp by Midday-Mayhem Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Fan by Pablok83 Final Fantasy Stamp by winter-ame
Asshole by Sharkfu : Pro-Choice is NOT... : stamp by Tibb-Wolf ::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05 Hopeless Romantic Stamp by silber-englein
:thumb111620864: Depression Stamp by SparkLum Markiplier: Alpaca Hugs Stamp by Oreleth I Support Jacksepticeye Stamp by Oreleth
Game Grumps by cutgut Dashie stamp by ShaneHusky Stamp :: Rooster Teeth by homestucktroll123 Cryaotic fan stamp by PaintedSerenity
SCP Containment Breach Stamp by TRADT-PRODUCTION I Support Horror stamp by the-emo-detective :thumb146864855: Anti-Shipping Stamp by regidar
OCs Stamp by BowChickaBowWow Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts Stupid Stamp by Trounced Irish stamp by Cyberdemon6030

Now then... After all that...

You've earned this.

gir by freeliboyax
GIR by us3imagination
Testaments to my stupidity.

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Added Flag Counter 7/2/2016

How long could you survive chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor? How many hungry weasels could your body feed?

The Zombie Bite Calculator How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

How long could you survive after punching a bear in the balls? Are your loved ones plotting to eat you?
Added 6/23/2016

Our Multiverse Stamp by nhok9

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